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The Middle School Curriculum is rich at ACS. Click on each of the subject headings below for more information and specific descriptions.

Grading Scale

    100-92              A                         4.0
    91-90                B+                       3.7
    89-85               B                         3.4
    84-83               B-                       3.0
    82-80               C+                      2.7
    79-75               C                         2.4
    74-72               C-                       2.0
    71-70                D+                       1.5
    69-65              D                          1.0
    64-0                 F                          0.0


The school day begins at 7:45am and ends at 2:50pm. Attendance is taken every period.

In the event of an absence, call or email the school:

A parent or legal guardian must call the school before 10:00 a.m. on the morning of the absence. Failure to phone with a valid excuse (illness of the student, family emergencies, school-sponsored activities, medical appointments, and pre-approved family requests) will result in an unexcused absence. If calling outside regular school hours, follow the prompts to leave a message in the attendance mailbox.

Once students arrive, they may not leave the school.  Students are expected to bring all materials, books, supplies, homework, etc. with them to school.  Permission to go home will not be granted for such reasons as homework, books, money, lunch, etc.  In the case of an emergency, students must secure permission from the administration if they need to leave the building.  Leaving the school building (even to a vehicle in the parking lot) for any reason without the school's permission will result in disciplinary consequences

Aurora Christian School is committed to the philosophy that in order for quality education to occur, regular student attendance is necessary and required.  Absence from school is always detrimental to the academic progress of the student.  Class discussions and lectures cannot be repeated and make-up tests are difficult to schedule.  In accordance with our philosophy, the administration has determined that absences in excess of eight (8) days in a given subject within a semester will be unexcused.  All absences, including illness and family vacations, apply toward the 8-day attendance policy.  A student may not make-up any work for unexcused absences.  Any work missed or due on the day of unexcused absence, including quizzes or tests, will result in a zero.  In cases of extended illness, parents are asked to contact the office to discuss immediately.  Any exceptions to the 8 Day policy will be determined by the principal.