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ACS Literature Philosophy:  We believe the study of literature is valuable because through it we can understand and evaluate in light of scripture and a biblical worldview the identities, histories, and values of humanity.  The literature curriculum at Aurora Christian School reflects this philosophy.  Therefore, ACS students are required to read a variety of classic literature – both Christian and secular – which enables us to discuss societal values and movements from a Christ-centered perspective.  In doing so, we seek to prepare students to engage potentially controversial ideas equipped with a biblical mindset.

English 6

English 6 is designed to enhance language reception and language expression through a six cycle novel based analytical format.   A variety of genres are analyzed through the use of vocabulary enhancement, visual tools, writing skills, and artistic expression. The transfer of grammar skills to permanent writing skills is encouraged through applied grammar and spelling practice. Writing skills are developed through paragraph writing, essay writing, journal writing, and learning the research paper format.

English 7

English 7 is the practice and review of grammar, writing skills, vocabulary, reading speed and comprehension using a variety of activities.  Writing skills are developed through paragraphs, essays, and a research paper during the course of the school year.  Students also complete two novels; The Cay and The Westing Game.

English 8

In English 8, students continue their practice and review of grammar and vocabulary with an emphasis on writing properly and creatively. Students also focus on reading a variety of genres of literature including short stories, a play, and three novels: Night, The Outsiders and The Hiding Place. One research paper is written during the course of the school year.