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Being in band is a fun and rewarding experience. Many students will testify that being a part of the band program enhances their overall Aurora Christian experience. It provides an excellent opportunity for community involvement and can lead to friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Students can join band beginning in 4th grade and continue in the program throughout their high school years.  The goal of the Aurora Christian School Band Department is to create a positive environment where students learn the skills they need to continue to play an instrument and worship the Lord beyond their years at ACS.  Through lessons, large ensemble rehearsals and sectionals, the students will learn to produce a characteristic sound on their instrument, music theory and history, concert etiquette and will perform a wide variety of music literature.

Band students will invest time and effort into an activity that will allow them to grow not only musically, but also spiritually, as an individual and as a team.  Music has the power to enrich a student’s life while at ACS and in the year’s beyond.  One of the primary goals of the band program is to develop a life long love for music making.  Students who complete the band program here at Aurora Christian should learn to not only be life long lovers of music but also good productive members of society.

Based on their ability and age, the band students perform in two to three concerts a year, the ACSI Music Festival, pep band, field trips, community performances, chapels, assemblies, and graduation.

Aurora Christian School is a supportive environment for the band program and the bands have benefited from the participation of each and every student who has performed here.  Parental participation in the Music Boosters is one of our greatest strengths.

At Aurora Christian School students with many different interests have come together to create beautiful music with the developing gifts and abilities God has given them.  Any student wishing to have an opportunity to perform in band should stop by the band room or the music offices.

Thank you for your interest in the ACS Band Department, and we look forward to seeing you at our next concert.