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The Illinois Art Education Association has recognized Aurora Christian High School as a 2022 School of Distinction. Aurora Christian High School is one of five schools receiving this prestigious award.

This recognition celebrates schools with rigorous art, design, and media education programs. To earn the School of Distinction Award, Aurora Christian High School evidenced practices that directly enacted the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards, the Illinois Fine Arts and Media Standards, and Social-Emotional Learning Priorities. 

Participating in high-quality art, design, and media courses develops student creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills in valuable ways. Students in these programs gain social and emotional skills along with college, career, and citizenship readiness. Research indicates that schools with successful programs like that at Aurora Christian High School experience increased student attendance, engagement, and academic performance when compared with schools that don’t.

The IAEA is proud to honor Aurora Christian High School for its distinguished art, design, and media education programming and the significant opportunities this program offers students.

National Top Colleges and Universities Visiting ACS Visual Fine Arts

VCU - Virginia Commonwealth University (Ranked #1 in the Nation in Art)

SAIC – School of The Art Institute of Chicago (Ranked #2 in the Nation in Art)

SCAD – Savannah School of Art and Design (Top 30 in the Nation)

AAC – Art Academy of Cincinnati (Top 30 in the Nation)

CIA – Cleveland Institute of Art (Top 10 in the Midwest)

College of Paris France (Top 30 in the Nation)

RISD – Rode Island School of Design (Top 30 in the Nation)

MIAD – Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

MCA – Memphis College of Art (Top 30 in the Nation)

MCAD – Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Top 30 in the Nation)

Kansas City Art Institute (Top 30 in the Nation)

The American Academy of Art in Chicago

Northern Illinois University

University of Illinois

Marvel Comic, Artist Ashton Gallagher visited ACS to talk about jobs in the art field and about winning awards.

The American Academy of Art in Chicago, “Dr. Pencil” Artist Rick Fortson visited ACS to talk about drawing photo-realistically and interacting with famous actors and actresses in TV and the Movies.