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The Admissions Process consists of two phases, Application and Enrollment.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Apply online, test, and Interview!
  • APPLY: Apply Online HERE. There is a non-refundable application fee of $125. 
  • TEST: Once the online application is submitted we will contact the student's parent/guardian to schedule testing. 
  • FAMILY INTERVIEW: This is an opportunity to get to know the family better and go over the test results.  ACS will contact the student's parent/guardian to schedule the interview once testing is completed. 
ACS encourages all new students to Shadow prior to applying but it is not required in order to apply. 
Upon acceptance, ACS will contact the student's parent/guardian. ACS will guide you and your family through the ENROLLMENT process once the application process is complete. Please contact 630.264.3871 at anytime with any questions. 



If you would like to apply for tuition assistance at any point during the Application or Enrollment process, please visit our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) page for more information and to apply online with FACTS.