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History 6  

New World History & Geography, Abeka

This course first studies the Indians, the New World explorers and continues through President Barack H. Obama. It provides the students the opportunity to be able to see the order and flow of historic events and how each is essential to the next. The second half of the course is devoted to studying our closest neighbors, Mexico, Central America, Canada, and the West Indies. There is a Map book that coincides with the text that is used throughout the year.

History 7  

The American Republic, Bob Jones

This course begins the study of United States History focusing on the New World and Columbus, Colonial Life, the British Empire and America gaining its independence. This course also studies the United States Constitution. The US Constitution test is part of the required elements.

History 8  

The American Republic, Bob Jones

8th grade history continues the story of United States History began in 7th grade and focus on the years 1865 - to the present.  A trip to Springfield, IL to visit the state capitol and other historic sites comes during this year. Current Events and the Illinois Constitution test are also included in this course.