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• Students learn Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. Students learn about Jesus and God’s Word as a part of daily living, and how to worship God through song and prayer.

• Students memorize Bible verses.

• Students participate in reading and writing readiness activities including identification of colors, shapes, letter names and sounds, instruction in letter formation, holding writing instruments correctly, and participation in writing activities.

• Students learn math readiness skills by counting objects 1-10, recognizing numbers 1-10, and learning about concepts such as “how many” and “more” and “less.”

• Students are instructed to speak clearly in full sentences and are given time to express their ideas fluently to further their language development.

• Students work on social development, focusing specifically on sharing and taking turns, independent and group play, and incorporation of kindness and manners.

• Students learn Bible stories which focus on character trait instruction using Old and New Testament stories. The ABC’s of salvation are also taught. Students have Bible memory verses.

• Students participate in reading readiness exercises which reinforce visual recognition of letters and the relationship of sounds to letters.

• Students learn to blend sounds using phonics, and the students grow in understanding the relationship between blending sounds and forming words as they learn to decode words.

• Students learn math readiness skills such as recognizing, understanding, and writing numbers 1-20. Students grow in their number sense and one-to-one correspondence.

• Students grow in their ability to recognize shapes.

• Students work on language development which focuses on speaking clearly, expressing ideas fluently, and using full sentences.

• Other areas include listening skills (following directions and attention span development), readiness skills (proper pencil grip, scissor usage, following directions, and coloring in the lines), and social development (sharing and taking turns, playing independently, participating in a group, and developing kindness and good manners).

In addition to the core concepts mentioned above, preschoolers attend weekly "specials", including physical education, music and library.


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