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Instructional Summary

  Old & New Testament Bible stories 
  Grow in understanding the Bible as God’s   Word 
  Understand that prayer is talking to God 
  Understand that Jesus is God’s Son 
  Learn worshiping God through song & prayer 
  Scripture Memory Verses

Reading/Language Skills 
  Recognize & name upper & lower case letters of the alphabet 
  Learn the phonetic sound for each letter 
  Use spoken language to communicate 
  Participate in conversation 
  Summarize what a book is about through the illustrations 
  Identify first name in writing

Math Skills 
  Recognize and identify shapes 
  Recognize and rote count numbers 1-20 
  Count and understand one to one correspondence 
  Recognize and duplicate patterns

  Learns to hold writing instrument in a tripod grip 
  Traces letters, shapes and numbers
  Doodle art

Listening Skills 
  Develop an age appropriate attention span 
  Learn to understand & follow directions
  Learn to understand and obey rules & expectations 
  Follow one-step and two-step directions

Social/Emotional Development 
  Enjoy and initiate friendships 
  Learn the art of sharing 
  Learn to show kindness 
  Engage in cooperative group play 
  Learn to take turns 
  Develop good manners 
  Develop self-confidence 
  Develop self-control 
  Play independently 
  Develop kindness & good manners

  Music (30 min. 2x/week) 
  P.E. (20 min. 2x/week) 
  Spanish (30 min. 1x/week) 
  Mentoring (30 min. 2x/month)

Field Trips 
  Farm in the fall

  Area Nursing Home