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Instructional Summary

  Old & New Testament Bible stories 
  Grow in understanding the Bible as God’s Word 
  Understand that prayer is talking to God 
  Understand that Jesus is God’s Son 
  Learn worshiping God through song & prayer 
  Scripture Memory Verses

Reading/Language Skills 
  Recognize & name upper & lower case letters of the alphabet 
  Learn the phonetic sound for each letter 
  Blend sounds to form words
  Decode words (cvc words and rhyming words)
  Identify and read 10-15 high frequency words
  Use spoken language to communicate 
  Participate in conversation 
  Summarize what a book is about through the illustrations 
  Identify the front and back covers of a book
  Identify first and last name in writing

Math Skills 
  Recognize and identify shapes 
  Recognize and rote count numbers to 100
  Count and understand one to one correspondence 
  Count by 10s
  Recognize and duplicate patterns 
  Learn basic skills of addition and subtraction 
  Writing/Fine Motor Skills 
  Holds writing instrument in a tripod grip 
  Write letters, shapes and numbers
  Writes words within a spaced line 
  Cuts lines and shapes 
  Writes first name

Listening Skills 
  Develop an age appropriate attention span 
  Learn to understand & follow directions
  Learn to understand and obey rules & expectations 
  Follow one-step and two-step directions

Social/Emotional Development 
  Enjoy and initiate friendships 
  Learn the art of sharing 
  Learn to show kindness 
  Engage in cooperative group play 
  Learn to take turns 
  Develop self-confidence 
  Develop self-control 
  Play independently 
  Develop kindness & good manners

  Music (30 min. 2x/week) 
  P.E. (20 min. 2x/week) 
  Spanish (30 min. 1x/week) 
  Mentoring (30 min. 2x/month)

Field Trips 
  Farm in the fall

  Area Nursing Home