High School


 Collette House - Superintendent
 IL Type 75,  Masters in Educational Leadership  
 ACSI Administrative Lifetime Certification
 Situations that cannot be resolved at the Leadership Team 
 level will be directed to Miss House.


The members of our leadership team have diverse experience and qualifications.  Together, the team effectively leads our faculty and students in all aspects of their Christian education.  Distributed leadership is described as "the sharing, the spreading, and the distributing of leadership work across individuals and roles throughout the organization" (Smylie, Mayrowetz, Murphy, & Louis, 2007)



 Dan Beebe - Athletic Director/Acting Dean 
 IL Type 75,  Masters in Secondary Administration

 If you have concerns about discipline, athletics, team management, or fan behavior, you will be directed to Mr. Beebe.
 Holly Henning - Academics & Activities Director
 B.A. Elementary Education

 If you have questions about academics, classroom concerns, or student activities (other than athletics), you will be directed to Mrs. Holly Henning.

 Bill Warner - Spiritual Life Director
 B.S. Biblical Studies

 If you have questions about chapels or spiritual life on campus, you will be directed to Mr. Warner.



Maxwell, G., Scheurich, J., & Skrla, L. (2009/July). Distributed leadership includes staff: One rural custodian as a case . Journal of School Leadership, 19(4), 466-496.
Smylie, M.A., Mayrowetz, D., Murphy, J., & Louis, K.S. (2007/July). Trust and the development of distributed leadership . Journal of School Leadership, 17(4), 469-503.

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