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Biological Science

Biological Science is an introductory lab based course in biology for general studies and college bound students. The traditional lecture system is interspersed with lab work as the student will study the following units: cell biology, genetics, some animal biology, microorganisms, taxonomy, and creation/evolution. Open to grade 9.


Physical Science

Science covers the areas of physics and chemistry on an introductory level. The physics portion of the course is composed of units on motion, heat, measurement, light, electricity, and magnetism. Mathematics is heavily integrated into this portion of physical science. The chemistry section is composed of units on atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical reactions, acid/base, stoichiometry, and chemical bonding. Some introductory lab work is a feature of this part of the course. Open to grade 10. Prerequisite is Biological Science.



Chemistry is a general course where students study the principles of chemistry including the periodic table, bonding, stoichiometry, states of matter, and chemical reactions. This course also includes demonstrations and labs. Open to grades 11, 12. Students must pass Algebra II or be concurrently enrolled.

Honors Chemistry

Honors chemistry is a course that introduces and develops the science of chemistry through a rigorous and challenging environment where students will be expected to put effort into further developing their understanding outside the classroom.  Chemistry studies the structure of matter through atomic theory with emphasis on the periodic chart and electron configuration.  The nature of chemical reactions is explained by units on bonding, acid/base and oxidation reduction.  The physical factors of chemical reactions are taken up in the kinetic theory, solution process and chemical equilibrium.  Extensive lab work is a part of this course.  Open to grades 10, 11, and 12. Prerequisites: Students must receive an average of 96% or higher in biological sciences or 92% or higher in physical science. Have passed Algebra 2 (or concurrently taking).


Earth Science

Earth science in an elective course for grades 11 or 12 in which students will spend the first semester learning about geology: rock cycle and plate tectonics. Second semester will consist of astronomy and meteorology. Students will practice critical thinking and analyzing through labs.



This course is designed to be an enriched introduction to Physics which will sufficiently prepare the student with classical physics knowledge for future curriculum in college level physics courses, or other related sciences.  The core topics of study are: mechanics, energy, and electricity.  This course provides a learning environment which is challenging and rigorous where laboratory and mathematical work is integral to the analytical methodology of instruction.  Prerequisites: Chemistry or Honors Chemistry and Algebra II. Grade is weighted. Open to grades 11, 12.


Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology is an advanced course in the study of the human body. The course is a very rigorous and is highly recommended to students interested in the health or medical professions. Each unit will focus on a particular system of the human body with a strong emphasis on understanding the integration between systems. Major systems to be studied include integumentary, cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, and excretory systems. This course will incorporate medical terminology and development of dissection skills. Open to grades 11, 12. Prerequisite: Chemistry (or concurrently taking).