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Required classes failed for the semester must be completed in summer school.  Required classes failed for the year must be repeated.

  • To qualify as a sophomore, students must have accumulated at least 6 credits by the start of school in the fall.
  • To qualify as a junior, students must have accumulated at least 12 credits by the start of school in the fall.
  • To qualify as a senior, students must have accumulated at least 18 credits by the start of school in the fall.

Students who transfer in during their Junior or Senior year may graduate with 22 credits.  Most students will accumulate more than the minimum amount of credits for graduation.  Aurora Christian School does not allow "early release" or graduate students early.

During senior year, all 12th grade students will be required to complete two core academic courses in addition to the standard required courses of Bible, English, and American Government/Economics.  In this case, "core academic courses" refers to the following categories: mathematics, science, foreign language, and social studies.

To be eligible to receive the honor of Valedictorian or Salutatorian, students must have:

  1. Attended Aurora Christian High School for at least six semesters.
  2. Completed Honors Chemistry.
  3. Completed 2 of the following:
  • Spanish III
  • Math class at higher academic level than Trigonometry
  • Science class at higher academic level than Chemistry

All graduates who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 will wear gold cords at graduation.

Students who fail to complete all of the requirements for graduation of Aurora Christian Schools, as approved by the Board of Directors and as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook, will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises until such requirements have been fully met.

Recommended Course of Study
This is a general outline of a four-year high school plan.  Students do not have to remain strictly in one "track."  Schedules are created each year to ensure that each student is taking the proper courses.  Please contact the Academic Director if you have questions regarding your student's individual course of study.

All courses for high school credit earned at Aurora Christian School, at an accredited high school or college, or through an approved ACS tutor (other than Pass/Fail courses) are included in the GPA calculation. Home school coursework will be transferred in for credit, but will not affect GPA. Class rank is determined solely by the rank order of students’ cumulative grade point averages. Grade point averages are figured using semester grades.


Year College Bound Track College Prep Track Advanced Studies Track
9 Bible 1 Bible 1 Bible 1
  World Literature / Speech World Literature / Speech World Literature / Speech
  Biological Science Biological Science Biological Science
  Algebra 1 Geometry Honors Geometry
  Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
  World History Spanish 1 Spanish 2
  Applied Technology Applied Technology Applied Technology
  1.5 Electives 1.5 Electives 1.5 Electives
10 Bible 2 Bible 2 Bible 2
  British Literature British Literature Honors British Literature
  Physical Science Physical Science Physical Science
  Geometry Algebra 2 Honors Algebra 2 / Trigonometry
  Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3
  Health World History AP World History
  2.5 Electives Health Health
     1.5 Electives 1.5 Electives
11 Bible 3 Bible 3 Bible 3
  American Literature American Literature AP English Language and Composition
  Chemistry Chemistry Honors Chemistry
  Algebra 2 Statistics & Trigonometry Pre-Calculus & Discrete Math
  Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4
  US History US History US History
  2.0 Electives 2.0 Electives 2.0 Electives
12 Bible 4 Bible 4 Bible 4
  Novels & Composition Novels & Composition AP English Literature
  American Government Anatomy & Physiology or Physics Anatomy & Physiology or Physics
  Economics Pre-Calculus & Discrete Math AP Calculus or AP Statistics
  2.0 Core Academic Electives Spanish 4 AP Spanish 5
  3.0 Electives American Government American Government
    Economics Economics
    2.0 Electives 0 or 1.0 Electives