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Bible 1 – The Story of the Bible from Beginning to End

God's Word is the beautiful, magnificent, deep, and true story of reality.  It is about who God is, who we are, and His desire to redeem us and His world for His glory.  We study the Bible to encounter God.  When we do that we begin to learn the truth about Him, ourselves, and our world. 

The course is designed so the student will understand the structure and unity of the Bible as a whole.  This includes the chronology of major events, themes, and prominent characters and their contribution in their historical-cultural context.  The student will understand the place of each book in God's progressive revelation, and realize this revelation finds its divine fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

This course is designed to equip the student to meaningfully read, comprehend, apply, and communicate this true story of reality.  Bible 1 is the prerequisite for Bible 2.

Bible 2 – Exploring Christianity/Living Christianity

Bible 2 is intended to explore many big questions surrounding Christianity, such as: Who is God?  Can He be known?  Who are we in relation to Him?  Upon discovering biblical responses to these questions and others, the student will learn what it means to live in community as a Christian young man or a Christian young woman. 

This course is unique in that classes are separated according to male/female the entire year, allowing for meaningful, life-impacting discussions and applications.  Bible 2 is the prerequisite for Bible 3.


Bible 3 – Introduction to Hermeneutics (Fall Semester)

The Introduction to Hermeneutics course is designed to enable the student to confidently Observe, Interpret, and Apply the Bible. The course includes the introduction to various genres of Scripture, translations of the Bible and translation theories, and Bible study tools as a means of understanding the role of cultural, historical, and grammatical context in interpretation. Students will learn how to gain an overview of any book of the Bible, make observations, ask interpretative questions, and develop life applications from biblical principles.


Bible 3 – Life of Christ (Spring Semester)

The Life of Christ course explores the Person of Jesus in an effort to equip students to develop a full perspective of Jesus, empowering them to overcome possible misunderstandings and enabling them to encounter Him more intimately. This will take place from the following vantage points: the Tri-Perspective of Jesus as Prophet/Priest/King; the student’s Identity in Christ; and Jesus’ method of Discipleship.


Bible 4 – Introduction to Worldviews

This year-long course is designed to integrate the basic concepts of critical thinking toward an understanding of the Worldviews of Biblical Theism, Secular Humanism (Modernism and Postmodernism), and Islam. The end result will be a confident ability to communicate a reasoned case as to the adequacy and supremacy of the Biblical Worldview, as well as a desire toward a lifelong pursuit in the study of Worldviews.

Identity Crisis: Navigating the Cultural Waters of Abortion, Homosexuality, and Transgenderism 

This elective course is designed to equip students to discern critical differences between a biblical understanding and a cultural understanding of the topics of abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism and to engage in debates surrounding these topics in a Christ-like manner.