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Donation will help secure our facility, provide supportive learning tools, and SO MUCH MORE...with your help, we hope to purchase several items on our wish list. 

Safety and Security

Cover Renovation Costs $30,000 (all school community)

Additional Security Camera Coverage $7,000 (all school community)

Supportive Learning Tools

Desk Bands $400 (elementary)

Heavy Work Activities $750 (preschool and elementary)
"tasks that involve heavy resistance for the muscles and joints. It involves proprioceptive input, the awareness of posture, movement, and resistance relating to the body" 

Sensory Tools $500 (preschool and elementary)

Flexible Seating $1,500 (elementary)
"core-strengthening seats encourage brain activity and develop focus while working"


Chromebooks with Touch technology $8,000 (elementary - high school)

Updated Faculty Laptops $28,000 (bless and better equip our teachers)

The Arts & Chapel

Theater lighting $2,500 (preschool - high school)

Theater Sound $10,000 (preschool - high school)

Physical Education & Athletics

Heart Rate Monitors for Physical Education $1000 (middle school and high school)

Resurface the gym floor $17,000 (preschool - high school)


2018/19 WISH LIST


Classroom Supplies $12,500

Teachers often use their own money for classroom supplies and special treats for their students. This will give each teacher a $250 budget. 

Lunchroom Supervision $13,500

Hiring additional staff to supervise the lunchroom would free up our teachers to have a quiet break in the middle of their day.



Mission Impossible $17,000

We want everyone who desires to serve on this life-altering trip to be able to attend.  It is often the source of students’ greatest memories while at ACS. Our expenses include transportation, meals, and student scholarships.



Desktop Computers $20,000

It doesn’t take long for technology to be outdated and we could use an upgrade. Replacing 35 desktop computers in the lab would also allow the current, older computers to be used as workstations in classrooms and increase availability in the library and study hall room.

Tablets $22,000

The applications to enhance classroom education grow exponentially with technology in hand.

Projectors $1,600

Portable Elmo document readers/projectors are a favorite around here for preschool and elementary. Middle school and high school could also use a few to share.

TI-84 Calculators $3,500

This is often an expensive item on the supply list parents are responsible for.  We’d like the classroom to have enough for each student to use and sign-out if necessary.



Art Supplies for Elementary & Middle School $1,300

With very little we could provide desired supplies for special projects.  

Art Supplies for High School $1,000

This teacher has 16 classes in 8 periods and his budget is funded only by class fees.  He always stays within his budget and rarely gets to purchase those extras that would enhance this already outstanding program. $1000 would greatly bless this good steward.

The Theater $8,000

Updated lighting and sound equipment will touch every student and parent at ACS as well as many visitors!  Even if you aren’t in choir, drama, or band you experience chapel in the theater and we want to showcase our stage better than we are equipped to do so.

Theater Arts/Drama $3,000

Drama is not currently funded. A donation would allow us continue providing a creative outlet for our students, more freedom when choosing a production, and better compensation for the long hours the teachers put in to make these plays and musicals successful. Wish list items include: fog  machine, bubble machine, and pattern projector.

Instrument Repair $400

Music Curriculum $650

Elementary Instruments $4,500

Middle/High School Instruments $7,000

This class is often the favorite extra-curricular but the reality is that this “extra” calms and inspires children making them more receptive to academics.  Our music instructors desire to take this department to the next level and the students would be richly blessed.

Language $600

Three sets of Novels would expand our growing Spanish curriculum.  



Preschool $1,200

We need to retire old toys and acquire new, stimulating toys, better storage options, and more floor mats which we sing praises and dance on to start each and every day.

Family Ministries $20+

Many in our community are struggling with grief, job loss, or sickness and Family Ministries offers a practical embrace.   This ministry is always in need of gift cards for fuel and groceries, in any denomination, which allow us to bless at a moment’s notice.

Physical Education $600 - $5,600

New and updated equipment will always be on the list of wants but some items would allow our curriculum to expand as well: heart rate monitors, pedometers, aerobic steps.