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Grahame Wilkin
Grahame Wilkin
HS Art

Summer Student School – Art Institute of Chicago (1981-1983)
B.A. – Eastern Illinois University (1990)

Mr. Grahame Wilkin has been a professional artist for over 20 years. His experiences in the arts cover a wide range. Mr. Wilkin has been an art tutor for students with severe autism, an artist showing in art galleries including shows in multiple, story buildings, a cartoonist for the newspaper, a graphic designer for major Fortune 500 companies, an Art Director in charge of a staff of art designers, a sculptor for different church displays, a limited edition print artist for church fundraising, a muralist for inside and outside of buildings and homes, including five 50 foot by 30 foot backdrop paintings for the Paramount theater in Downtown Aurora, and a book illustrator.  Mr. Wilkin is a member of several national art and education associations, as well as the ACSI Community Champions, and he serves as an instructor at Joni and Friends Camp teaching art to students with disabilities.  Mr. Wilkin is an Illinois State Board Member for the Illinois Art Education Association as well as a National Art Honors Society IAEA Representative for the state of Illinois. Mr. Wilkin and his students have created over twenty murals in the Fox Valley area. He and his wife of over 20 years, Jodi, live in Aurora with their two daughters, Madalayne and Alexandera. The Wilkins attend Village Bible in Aurora, IL.