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Student life at Aurora Christian is more than fun! We offer many different activities throughout the year that are fun and easy ways to get involved and stay connected here at ACS. There are many programs for all students that keep ACS spirit high!
The school year starts off with class outings. Each high school grade level goes its own separate way and participates in fun activities to develop and build relationships within the class. The traditions range from long, adventurous bike rides to canoeing down the Fox River - which always ends in a splash. Then, in the fall, the competition begins. Homecoming gives everyone an opportunity to show class spirit as well as school spirit. Each day highlights a different wardrobe theme that plays into the overall theme of Homecoming. At the end of each day, the classes compete against each other, earning points for the right to be the top class. The week caps off with a football game where all the students stand together and cheer on the football team to (hopefully) another victory. Before you know it, Christmas is here and students have the opportunity to share the story of Christ's birth and His love with the elementary kids in our area through Jingle Bell Christmas. The kids get to spend 2 hours with one of our high school students, playing games, eating pizza and receiving Christmas gifts.
The second semester begins with Winterim. It takes places the first week of school and gives the students a chance to experience new things. Each student has two classes during the school day, one academic and one hands-on.  These classes include fun and random things from "BBQ University" to "History of Fashion". Everyone then gets dressed up for Winter Formal. This is a themed evening of fun and adventure that concludes with an upscale dinner with friends. Next stop: Mission Impossible. MI is a full week of getting your hands dirty and working hard to serve others physically and show Christ's love in a tangible way. The semester caps off with Junior/Senior Banquet. This glamorous evening honors our seniors and all the memories they have created with us through the year.