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The teachers at Aurora Christian Elementary School seek to provide excellence in academic instruction.


Each grade level has a summary of the course curriculum that is taught by each classroom teacher.  See the summaries below of the subjects, the curriculum publisher, and information about each subject, special subject, and field trips from the previous year.


In addition to the academic subjects taught at each grade level, our students are exposed to a variety of other activities. Art instruction is provided for students in 1st through 5th grade.  Physical education and vocal music instruction are provided for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade twice each week, and Band is introduced to students in 4th grade and is also available in 5th grade.  And for students not in band, there is also a Music Education course.  Computer instruction begins in 3rd grade.  Spanish vocabulary is also introduced and instructed to the students beginning in Kindergarten.  Students also visit the Aurora Christian Library weekly.


Click the links below to see instructional information by grade level.



Grade     Percent

A+            99-100
A              96-98
A-            94-95
B+            92-93
B              88-91
B-            86-87
C+           84-85
C             78-83
C-           76-77
D+           74-75
D             70-73
F              69-0


Kindergarten academic subjects are assigned letter grades. 1st - 5th grade academic subjects are assigned numerical grades.

Letter grades are assigned for music, band & physical education.

O/S/U (Outstanding, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory) are assigned for art, conduct, effort, penmanship & seatwork.