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ACS Alumni and Friends,

A lot has been happening over the last few years here at Aurora Christian School!  Depending on your graduation date, this place may look a lot different:  football and track stadium, 1600 seat gymnasium, air conditioning, NO stairs, parking space (not used for P.E), green space and a pond!  Of course, Blackhawk was home and I miss its "character."  But as the years progressed, fewer families were willing to brave the location and improved facilities were crucial to our enrollment and survival.  If you've been away for a while and haven't seen our Sullivan campus, we'd love to show you around some time! 

One more major change here at ACS is our view on fundraising.  Historically, we have not done any MAJOR fundraising to supplement operations.  But the world has changed, and in order to continue to provide affordable Christian education we must "go there."  We don't plan to inundate alumni and friends with requests, but we will keep you informed and provide opportunities for you to give back to the ministry here at ACS.  In addition, if you have expertise that would help us out, we'd love your help!

Here's a quick snapshot of our current financial situation to get everyone up to speed.  In 2004 we secured a loan to purchase and develop our Sullivan campus.  We also still own a large piece of property on Deerpath Road near I-88, and its sale was intended to pay off the loan.  Due to the real estate market downturn, that sale has been delayed; but we are actively pursuing investors to purchase the property. 

Like most organizations, we have been operating under financial strain for the past several years.  During that time, we were blessed by large one-time donations and/or the sale of pieces of our property on Deerpath which enabled us to relieve that strain.  For the past year, however, we have not had a large cash donor and the land can not be sold in small pieces to pay off interest.  We have continued to make all of our payments, but an enrollment downturn in August compounded the financial issue to create a cash flow problem.  Due to that problem, the Advancement Team was charged by the Board of Directors to develop an aggressive fundraising plan to span the entire year.  

Monthly, sustained giving is the easiest and most effective way to raise funds. We're encouraging all school families, alumni and friends to find as many donors as possible.  This is charitable giving to a very worthy cause: the Christian education of children!!  [Aurora Christian Schools, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.] 

For information or to get involved right now, check out our donations page!  There you'll find Frequently Asked Questions and a whole lot more!  Please feel free to email me with your feedback.

Aurora Christian has gone through so many "seasons," and I am blessed that the Lord allowed me to experience them all... as a student, an alumnus, a teacher, a principal, and now as superintendent.  I believe that He has prepared me to step up, and I am committed to leading Aurora Christian through these refining years.  I need your support as we plan for the future of our alma mater.  I'm excited about how the Lord continues to work here at ACS! 

Collette House, Superintendent
Class of '88