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At ACS, we educate Christian leaders.

The Distinguished Alumni Award honors alumni who have exemplified the Aurora Christian School mission of “service to Christ and their world”.  These individuals have demonstrated success in a career since graduating from ACS and have been recognized within their community for exceptional leadership and service.  Such achievement may include:

  • Outstanding contributions to their local church and community
  • Use of influence within their field to live out the Gospel with dignity and respect and to enrich the lives of others
  • Overall commitment to serve Christ and help to build His kingdom


All persons who have attended and/or graduated from Aurora Christian School are eligible.  Current members of the Board of Directors, ACS administration team and staff are not eligible to be nominated.   


Alumni, faculty, staff, parents, students and friends of Aurora Christian School may submit nominations.  The Selection Committee encourages all interested to submit a nomination by completing the online nomination form by November 28.  The awards will be presented at a special chapel ceremony in the spring.


2014 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient:

Stosh D. Walsh serves others as a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, and writer.  He began his career in traditional education settings, honing his leadership as a classroom teacher for middle school through college, as a residence life director, and as a university athletics coach.  After those experiences, he joined the executive leadership practice of a global consulting firm.  Over the course of his career, he has served non-profit and for-profit organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies.  His experience spans a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, automotive, government, retail, and manufacturing.

Stosh’s formal education includes a BA in Education and an MA in Leadership.  He is an expert in leadership development, employee engagement, and talent management, having spent thousands of hours consulting, coaching, and training on each.  He has been a TEDx speaker, and is the author of “Along the Way: Leadership Stories from Everyday Life” (2012), “Five Questions You Must Ask Your Team” (May 2013), and “Leadership is More Than the C-Suite” (September 2013).

Stosh’s other interests include photography, hiking, and spending time with his wife and 2 children.

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2013 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients:

Ever since he was a youngster, faith has been a central part of Erik Young’s life. “I always wanted to be part of something that makes the world better…that affects life in a positive way,” he says.  As he matured, a question remained: How best can I serve God and my fellow man?  In college, Erik was naturally drawn to a seminary program. Here, he grew in his Lutheran faith and learned the basics of serving in a local parish. But he felt that he was being called to something more. Then, after establishing himself in his own local parish as a youth minister, he met another pastor who offered words that would change his life: You’d be a great Navy Chaplain. You should join.  That’s how Erik Young found his way into the Navy Reserve.

He is the senior pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Covina, California.  Nowadays, Chaplain Young spends two days a month serving with the Marines at a nearby base in California. One of his responsibilities is to work with Religious Program Specialists (Chaplain Assistants) to make sure they’re fully prepared and outfitted to embark on any mission at a moment’s notice.  

He and his wife Marie have two small children, Kaleb and Amelia.

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Dr. Michael Court is a chiropractor and nutrition specialist in private practice in Wisconsin.  He and his wife, Julie, also founded a ministry called New Life 4 Today, which provides personal care needs, evangelism, medical treatment and Bible training in Kenya and other nations.  They have served on mission trips around the world and helped to build churches and schools, support other missions and ministry efforts, and worked to provide for the physical needs of those suffering with illness and/or poverty.  Dr. and Mrs. Court have three adult children, Amber, Austin and Aaron.