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Michael Smith

Michael Smith
Class of 1995

Michael Smith spent his years at ACS playing for the soccer and basketball teams and was able to play on the 1995 state 2nd place team. He was also a volunteer soccer coach for the girls team in the spring! After Aurora Christian Mike started attending Judson College in Elgin.

When asked about the impact that Aurora Christian had on his life, this was what he wrote,

“I can’t speak highly enough of my time at Aurora Christian. I was provided a quality education that incorporated a development of understanding of what it meant to call myself a Christian. The care and guidance of the staff was not a cookie cutter type of support, but rather one that helped me to foster an authentic relationship with Christ. There was a sense of community amongst the friends I made during my time there, and I can still attest to the fact that those same individuals stand amongst my closest friends today.”

Michael, his wife and three daughters currently reside in Sugar Grove and attend church at Harvest Bible Chapel in Aurora. They stay busy throughout the week between work, meetings, running the girls to sporting events or performances but make sure to keep family a priority by sitting down for dinner together most nights of the week. Mike also enjoys going to the movies, eating out with friends, and having game nights with his family.

Currently Michael works as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for West Aurora School District #129. After another year and a half, he will be stepping into the role of the Superintendent of Schools for West Aurora School District #129, which he was just recently approved for!

Join me in congratulating Michael Smith on his approval for this position and the work that the Lord is doing in his work and life! We are thankful that Aurora Christian can play a part in developing individuals who value the important things in life and use their gifts to make an impact on those around them. 

Sarah Woodward

Sarah (Carlson) Woodward
Class of 1988

Sarah Woodward graduated with the class of 1988. Her time at ACS was filled with cheering for the basketball games as well as taking stats for the volleyball team at the school. After she graduated she went to Joliet Jr. College and then transferred to the University of Illinois and majored in accounting before switching to teaching. Using her degree, she started teaching highschool business classes at Aurora Christian before jumping down to teach 2nd grade for five years. After this she began subbing in PK-12th grade classes for ACS along with other school districts. All of this teaching ended up leading her to working as the Finance Assistant for ACS where she has been since 2013!

Sarah and her husband Andy currently live in Aurora but really enjoy traveling to visit England where Andy is from. The couple spends much of their free time traveling and attending ACS sporting events. Their daughter Annabelle attended ACS starting in PK4 and is now a part of the most recent class of ACS alumni that graduated in 2022.

This is what Sarah wanted to share about the impact that Aurora Christian has had on her and her family. 
“ACS had a huge impact on my life. Mr. Davidson & Mr. House specifically helped develop in me a love for the Bible. ACS gave me a wonderful spiritual foundation & Christian worldview that prepared me for the world and to continue growing through my college years and beyond. I still have many close friendships to this day that were started at ACS! Because of my experience, it was important for my husband and I to send our daughter to ACS from PK4 - 12th grade. Annabelle graduated this past year and is well prepared for the future in the same way I was. “

MJ Zepeda

MJ Zepeda
Class of 2014

MJ Zepeda attended Aurora Christian from the age of 3 all the way until he graduated in 2014. Most of his time in middle school and highschool was spent playing football for ACS’ team. Once MJ graduated highschool he followed the Lord’s call to join the United States Air Force National Guard and became a Search and Rescue Medic. During this time he also obtained a nursing degree through Waubonsee Community College. 

MJ currently works as an Emergency Department Trauma Nurse at Mt. Sinai, a Level 1 Trauma Center in Lawndale, Chicago. Not only that but he also is a Staff Sergeant with the Air Force working as a Search And Rescue Medic, Assistant EMS Coordinator and Lead Instructor. When he isn’t working he is finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he plans to graduate in December. 

Between work and school he stays very busy but when he has free time he enjoys being with family, experiencing the city of Chicago, trying out new restaurants and traveling with the military to multiple different states and countries. 

We are proud to see MJ step into these difficult lines of work and pursue them with excellence. 

MJ would like to add that ACS has had a great impact in his life and has shaped him into the man he is today. The guidance is like none other with support from all staff. He added that ACS has also provided him with a lifetime of friendships and connections that he will forever cherish.

Ryan Franklin

Ryan Franklin
Class of 2010

Ryan Franklin graduated from ACS in 2010. During his four years of high school he spent his time as a member of the WYSE team and competed in Physics along with playing on the football team. After highschool, he attended Wheaton College and roomed with fellow 2010 ACS alumn Tim Hagan (See last photo). Ryan graduated from Wheaton in 2014 with a BS in Physics and a minor in Geology.

Ryan currently uses his degree while working as a Service Project Manager for the Global Customer Care team at Siemens, Ryan facilitates resolutions for warranty issues for customers on a wide range of electrical products.

He currently resides in Apex, North Carolina with his wife Kaity, their two-year-old son Shepard and their dog Bailey. Ryan and Kaity enjoy taking Shepard to farms and petting zoos and exploring as much as they can.  The rest of their free time consists of working on renovations to their home as well as attending Apex Baptist Church.

Even though Ryan and his family are all the way in North Carolina, it is wonderful to see how seeds that were planted during Ryan’s time at ACS are bearing fruit in new places with his family, career and church.

Evan and Lauren Stoneberg

Evan Stoneberg Class of 2018
Lauren (Richert) Stoneberg Class of 2019

Evan graduated from ACS in 2018 and Lauren graduated in 2019. They both attended Aurora University where Lauren graduated with a bachelors degree in graphic design and Evan a bachelors degree in marketing. Evan currently works as an Account Manager in Sales for Reyes Coca Cola Bottling and Lauren is using her degree as a designer at Jets design shop.

The two of them were married in 2021 and have started building their life together. In the last year they have purchased their first house, gotten their dog Cane and found out they’re having a baby boy due March 2023!

Lauren and Evan attend Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove and stay involved there. They also love to go hunting, spend time with family and work on projects around their home.

It’s so fun watch these two grow from high school sweethearts to soon to be parents, trusting in the Lord each step of the way. 

Cheryl (Bauer) Koster

Cheryl (Bauer) Koster
Class of 1979

Cheryl (Bauer) Koster started at ACS the first year Mr. Paul House started the school. The school first met at Claim Street Baptist Church, then they purchased the building on Illinois Ave and finally moved to the Blackhawk campus, which was huge for the school! 

Cheryl participated in cheerleading, track and worked in Yearbook during her time at ACS. She was also part of the Choir and had many Cantatas that they performed at First Press. 
Cheryl got to be a part of the first official graduating class of Aurora Christian in 1979.

After graduating she went to Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music in Michigan. She met her husband in Michigan and they married in 1983. The two of them have been married for 39 years! They have two daughters and a son and a total of 4 grandchildren. Their children and grandchildren have all attended Christian school. 

Cheryl’s husband owns a trucking company with his two brothers and she was blessed to be a stay at home mom with her three children. The couple has been very involved in their Bible Church for 35 years now. 

“I am so grateful for Mr. House starting ACS and my parents sacrificing for me to go there. It’s had a huge impact on my life. I am so excited to see the school and its growth through the years. Most importantly that It’s staying true to God's teachings! God Bless you all. Continue the teachings until the Lord's return!”
Cheryl (Bauer) Koster

What a blessing to hear of the impact the early years of Aurora Christian was able to have on Cheryl’s life. Seeing where it started and the Lord’s faithfulness to carry the school to where it is now. Cheryl’s love for the Lord, her church, and her family is beautiful to see. 

Dave and Kristen Hanson

Dave and Kristen Hanson
Class of 2000

Dave and Kristen Hanson graduated from ACS in 2000. Dave was involved in jazz band and football. Kristen was captain of the pom squad and also a member of the choir. They’ve been high school sweethearts since 1997 and were married shortly after graduating college in 2004. 

Kristen continued teaching while Dave left the business world to pursue a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Four years later, they put their combined efforts into building a small business from scratch. They never thought they would open a chiropractic office together, but nearly a decade later, hundreds of patients helped, and five Best of Fox wins under their belt…here they are! 

While building their small business, they also took on building a family and renovating a home in Batavia. Jack is now 8 years old and Jonathan is about to turn 6. Both boys attend ACS just like their parents did and they love it! 

Dave and Kristen have been faithful to the Lord’s call on their life in starting a business and raising a family together. It is always a joy to have alumni send their children to ACS and see the way the school can impact a family. 

We are also so grateful to Hanson Family Chiropractic for sponsoring our alumni tent at the homecoming football game this year!

Matt Satorius

Matt Satorius
Class of 2000

Matt Satorius is a 2000 grad of ACS where he was involved with every band he could be a part of at the time (orchestra, jazz band, chapel/worship band, etc.). Matt continued with his love for music by spending the majority of the past 20 years touring in the music industry as an audio engineer/tour manager, traveling the world, and working for bands such as OneRepublic, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Natalie Grant, Plain White T's, Little Big Town, and many more.  He also spent several years as a full time audio engineer/technician at Willow Creek Community Church, as well as freelancing for other megachurches such as Harvest Bible Chapel, North Point, Saddleback, etc.

While still working various gigs, he is married with a 7 year old son and has traded out traveling to work as a full time software developer at home. In 2018 he obtained his private pilot license and has had the opportunity to fly his family on various day trips and vacations.

It is always a blessing to see our alumni to do what they love and take whatever opportunities they can to exercise that. Matt’s dedication to his faith and hard work towards his goals has given him these great opportunities. Seeing his passion for music that started in highschool become his work and ministry is a testament of the Lord’s faithfulness.

Last pic is Matt in jazz band at ACS!

Ron Keres

Ron Keres
Class of 2006

For the past 10 years Ron and his wife Jen have been missionaries with To Every Tribe and are currently living in Cat Lake, ON among the First Nations People helping establish a native-led local church. This year Ron wrote and published two children's picture books titled, It's Not That 'Big a Deal' and The Scariest Story You've Ever Heard.

Ron had the pleasure of reading his books to several elementary classes at ACS last May. 
One of his books was the 2022 Reader's Choice Book Awards Gold Medal winner! The books are available on Amazon among other online retailers.