2017 Celebrate: Giving

Will you help us continue to strengthen relationships with Jesus Christ,

provide strong academics for college preparation,

and promote opportunities that build lifelong servants?

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Please remember Aurora Christian Schools in your year-end giving.  Fundraising is crucial to our mission of Relationship|Education|Service. Eighty-six families (112 students) were awarded over $400,000 in tuition assistance this year; there are many students counting on donations to ACS for the Tuition Assistance Program. This year we will come together on November 11 for an online-only campaign called Celebrate: Giving.  Each of you can play a vital role in this campaign, and we hope you will continue to support ACS through annual events or monthly donations.

We can’t wait to see what happens when we come together before the busyness of the holiday season…with the ease of giving online, no event costs to cover, and a cause we deeply care about! Become a part of something that has eternal impact.