Faculty & Staff


The members of our leadership team effectively lead our faculty and students in all aspects of their Christian education.  Distributed leadership is described as "the sharing, the spreading, and the distributing of leadership work across individuals and roles throughout the organization" (Smylie, Mayrowetz, Murphy, & Louis, 2007)


Stacy Beebe, Ed.D. - MS/HS Principal 
Ed.D. Instructional and Curriculum Leadership 
MS Secondary and Elementary Administration,
IL Type 75 General Administrative Certificate
BS K-12 Physical Education and 7-12 Health Education
Minor in Educational Psychology 

 Dan Beebe - Athletic Director 
 MS Secondary Administration, 
 IL Type 75 General Administrative Certificate
 BS 7-12 Physical Education and 7-12 Health Education

 If you have concerns about athletics, team management,
 or fan behavior, you will be directed to Mr. Beebe.
 Holly Henning - Academics & Activities Director
 BA Elementary Education

 If you have questions about academics or student activities
 (other than athletics), you will be directed to Mrs. Holly Henning.






Maxwell, G., Scheurich, J., & Skrla, L. (2009/July). Distributed leadership includes staff: One rural custodian as a case . Journal of School Leadership, 19(4), 466-496.
Smylie, M.A., Mayrowetz, D., Murphy, J., & Louis, K.S. (2007/July). Trust and the development of distributed leadership . Journal of School Leadership, 17(4), 469-503.



Mrs. Anderson
School Secretary
Attended Centralia Community College  

Mrs. Valerie Anderson joined the staff at ACS in November of 2000.  She was born in Coral Gables, Florida, and was raised in Florida and California. As a young adult, Mrs. Anderson moved to Washington, where she raised salmon for a living, and met her husband, Phil.  In 2000, they moved to Illinois, to assist Phil's parents.  They have three grown children: Graham, Patrick, and Whitney. The family attends Fox River Lutheran Church.

Faculty Members
Mrs. Anderson
School Secretary
Mr. Beebe
Athletic Director
Mrs. Chapa (Previously Miss Kitchen)
MS/HS Spanish
Mr. Cobb
MS/HS Physical Education
Mrs. Dent
MS Physical Education
Mrs. Grosz
MS/HS Mathematics
Mrs. Harner
Athletic Director Assistant
Mrs. Hauser
Mrs. Haymon
MS/HS Technology
Mrs. H. Henning
Academics & Activities Director
Mrs. Herbert
MS English, MS Bible
Mrs. McQuade
Athletic Director Assistant
Mr. Moore
MS/HS Music
Mrs. Rasich
MS/HS Family Science
Mrs. Sogavo
MS Art
Mr. Stone
MS Social Studies
Mrs. Veidel
MS/HS Bible
Mrs. Woolridge
MS Focus