The middle school academic program at ACS offers a standard core-subject curriculum, with the exception of math classes based on ability levels. A variety of rotating elective classes including study hall are also scheduled. Throughout their time in middle school, our students are educated from a Christian worldview and with the goal of preparing them to be fully ready for the rigors of high school.

Requirements per Grade Level:

All middle school students will be scheduled into the following courses: Bible, English, History, Math, Music, Physical Education, and Science. Students may choose band, choir, or a general music rotation.  Students will move from teacher to teacher throughout the day. All classes are standard with the exception of math. The standard math curriculum is Pre-algebra in seventh grade, and Algebra I in eighth grade.

Students having difficulty in Pre-algebra will be placed in Algebra (Part 1) during eighth grade before taking Algebra (Part 2) in ninth grade. Students will rotate through exploratories including Art, Computer, and Spanish.


Middle School Grading Scale:

Letter Percent GPA
A 100-92 4.0
B+ 91-90 3.7
B 89-85 3.0
B- 84-83 2.7
C+ 82-80 2.4
C 79-75 2.0
C- 74-72 1.5
D+ 71-70 1.0
D 69-65 0.5
F 64-0 0.0