Family Science

The mission of the Family Science department is to prepare students to be healthy, responsible citizens and leaders who understand that they are created in the image of Almighty God and are called to protect and nurture life.  Courses in this department provide opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors necessary to live and thrive as Christ-followers in our diverse and changing world.


Foods 1
This course is designed to help students gain confidence in food preparation skills, and to become familiar with equipment and procedures in the kitchen. Basic nutrition principles and making healthy food choices will be explored while students prepare delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack dishes. Students will also spend some time searching God’s word to see what He says about food. No previous cooking experience is required. Class is open to grades 9 – 12. COURSE FEE IS $50


Foods 2
This course builds on concepts learned in Foods 1. Advanced cooking techniques will be covered, and students will have a chance to practice them while creating garnishes, appetizers, pies and pastries, soups, salads, entrees and many more advanced dishes. Students will finish the semester by planning and cooking an entire meal, with emphasis on all dishes being ready to serve at the same time. Successful completion of Foods 1 is required to enroll in this class. Class is open to grades 9 – 12. COURSE FEE IS $60


Breakfast Foods

Students will prepare a wide variety of delicious breakfast foods, including personal favorites. The importance of eating breakfast will be discussed, as well as criteria for making healthy breakfast choices. Students will explore the implications of being Spiritually fed and share their creations with ACS staff members. Successful completion
of Foods 1 is required to enroll in this class. Class is open to grades 10 - 12. COURSE FEE IS $60..  


This course teaches students the techniques necessary to prepare a vast array of desserts from the U.S. as well as other countries. Students will understand how ingredients interact with each other, and how to serve their desserts attractively. Students with a sweet tooth will love this class! Successful completion of Foods 1 is
required to enroll in this class. Class is open to grades 10 - 12. COURSE FEE IS $60.


International Cooking
Students will choose countries of interest from each continent of the world and prepare specialty dishes from each one. Culture and customs of chosen countries will also be explored. Students who like to try new foods will love this class. Successful completion of Foods 1 is required to enroll in this class. Class is open to grades 10 - 12. COURSE FEE IS $60.


Child Development
This class combines hands-on time several days a week in the ACS preschool, kindergarten and first grade classrooms with engaging learning activities in the high school classroom. Students will learn first-hand how children develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Assessments in this class are hands-on, such as caring for a computerized infant, preparing a lesson for young students, and creatingn a model of an ideal classroom. Class is open to grades 10 – 12. COURSE FEE IS $10.


Middle School Family Science
The Family Science curriculum for 6th, 7th and 8th grades involve a 3-year rotation, with alternating topics covered each year. This allows students to participate in classes all 3 years without repeating curriculum.
Year One curriculum allows students to explore their God-given personal strengths and weaknesses, guidelines for personal hygiene, good manners, beginning cross stitch,
basic nutrition concepts and food preparation skills, and careers in the food service industry.
Year Two focuses on interpersonal relationships, beginning machine sewing (collaborative project with the Art department), making healthy food choices, and additional nutrition concepts and food preparation skills.
Year Three covers basic hand sewing skills (threading a needle, knotting thread, sewing on buttons), basic child care for babysitting, consumerism, Biblical food concepts, and additional nutrition and food preparation skills.
Upon completion of all 3 years, students will be able to prepare basic foods with little or no adult supervision.