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Program Philosophy and Mission Statement:
As a program, our goal is to glorify Jesus Christ through the game of baseball.  We want to honor Him by the way we play the game, the way we conduct ourselves on and off the field, our effort in the classroom, and with our attitudes in all aspects of life.  Through baseball, we are working to develop life skills and teaching individuals to excel within the team concept.  
Our goal is to develop baseball players.  More importantly, however, we want to develop strong Christian men.  Throughout the course of the season, we will be emphasizing several character traits.  Some of which include: attitude, work ethic,  discipline,  community service,  mental toughness, and integrity.

We believe in giving our all every time we step onto the field, striving to get better every single day.  Through baseball, we will experience both successes and failures, and our goal is to learn from and respond positively to both. READ MORE...

  • VARSITY At the varsity level, the ultimate on-the-field goal is to win a State Championship. In order to do this, we will put the team on the field that gives us the best chance of accomplishing this goal. As a coaching staff, we will try to put players in situations that will give them and the team the best chance to be successful.  Schedule and Results - 2020 Season
  • SOPHOMORE  At the Sophomore level emphasis is placed on position skill enhancement and competition. Sophomore Baseball Details HERE 
  • FRESHMAN At the Freshman level emphasis is placed on skill enhancement, position exposure, and competition. Freshman Baseball Details HERE

Visit this link to see Game Changer and HERE  for MaxPreps

Varsity home games will be played at the following locations:
Stuart Sports Complex, 1/2 mile west of Orchard Road at 39W143 Jericho Road, Aurora, IL 60506 (on the south side of the road) OR Tiger Athletic Club, 1040 6th Ave., Aurora, IL  60505 (just north of Phillips Park Golf Course).